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Extremekicks is a concept created by Brian Sload.Its based on looking out for others and not just a certain few like most companies.Our goal is to become the X-Games for Hip Hop and Martial Arts. Based out of West Chester PA, Extreme Kicks originally started as simply an instructional class for breakdancing and martial arts back in 1996. These instructional classes quickly sparked a huge interest in what we soon realized was a rapidly growing cultural trend. After realizing the wide spread appeal of this expanding genre Brian, the president of Extremekicks, developed the idea of uniting these dancers and martial artist to compete against one another in organized events." 2nd Degree Burn in April 2002" where the first Bboy belts were giving out for the 2 vs.2 where HavicKoro's Marlon and Boy had the honors. In doing so Brian also realized that this genre held other commonalties such as hip-hop music, and graffiti artists. So Extremekicks reformed these competitions into events where people with musical, artistic, and physical talent could come together and compete, this became as such in June 2000 with EKS's first JAM " shoot-out". These events are the first of its kind ever attempted and the feedback has been amazing. This is because the excitement of our competitions sticks with our spectators and competitors and keeps them coming back for more.

In order to provide a constant relationship between Extremekicks and its followers, Extremekicks developed a website, in which people can come and view pictures, video clips, and, reviews of past events. They can communicate by using the Extremekicks message boards. Extremekicks Online also caters to people across the world by allowing them to express themselves and even compete online by submitting audio, video, and pictures of there talent to be judged. By doing this Extremekicks hopes not to create a website of information, but a community of people who share a common interest. So far this tactic has proven very successful with over 2 million hits in Extremekicks Online history.

To keep the functions of the company running smoothly Extremekicks consist of a devoted team of professionals. Brian Sload is the president and creator of Extreme Kicks and is currently teaching Breakdancing and Martial arts in the Philadelphia area. Sandra Dee Guillen and Julie Frank are our public relations and events coordinators.Our newest member Paul Kaspersma is our European Vice President and runs our events in the Netherlands with Brian's help and guidance.

We at Extremekicks encourage the unity of all races and backgrounds but emphasize people's individuality. Because of this Extremekicks attracts a wide diversity of men and women competitors from kids as young as 8 years old to adults in there late 30's. While our target audience consists mostly of teens with urban cultural influence, Extremekicks underlying agenda of free expression has universal appeal and attracts people from many walks of life. This is why we feel that it has been easy to expand from a small instructional class to one of the largest breakdancing and martial arts circuits on the east cost in only a few years. By branching out across the country we hope to expand our audience base and set the standards for a genre that is quickly becoming a craze.


Brian Thomas Sload

President / CEO

Sandra Dee Guillen

VP & Events cordinator


Paul Kaspersma

Vice President / Europe

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