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On the ones and twos with DJ FROZ1

Photo by Jessie Winslow


Real Name: Josh

Date Born: 10/20/85

Where Born: Danbury, CT

Where are you now?: 215

How long you been DJ'n?: Got my first set of tables about 6 years ago, started taking it seriously about 2-3 years ago.

Equipment you use: Technics 1200s, Stanton SK-2f, MPC1000, SSL

Favorite DJ / DJ's: Double K, Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak

Type of music you spin?: Old school rap, Funk, Disco

Hardest thing about being a DJ?: Pleasing everybody. Dealing with people who request commercial rap while I'm playing funk. Drunk 20-somethings.

Photo by Jessie Winslow

Where do you prefer to perform…House Parties, Clubs, Studio, Stage?: House parties are the most stress-free. You can choose what you want to play and if people aren't feeling it, too bad…you probably aren't a funky individual anyway.

What do you think of Computer DJ's?: A lot of this new technology can allow any joe blow with a computer to be a DJ. BUT, if a person has put in the time to go out, dig for records and build their collection, I can respect a DJ who decides to mix using a computer.

Is a real DJ going on with two turntables?: If you can make it work, then use whatever is best for you. When I was first exposed to DJing, cd-turntables and mixing software wasn't even available, so it was all I really knew and that's what I am comfortable with.

Do you use any drum machines?: Not during a live set, mostly for re-edits or making my own beats.

Do you find DJing gets easier or harder over the years?: Practice makes perfect. Performing has gotten easier over the years, but finding "new" music is hard. Finding obscure breaks that bboys haven't heard already is a tough task because these bboys fiend for new music just as badly as any DJ. Living in philly doesn't help much either, as theres so much competition when it comes to digging for records.

Photo by Jessie Winslow

Where do you get your vinyl?: Everywhere. Record stores, junk shops, thrift stores, trash cans, crackheads on my street (haha), ebay if I absolutely need something, garage sales, private collectors, record swaps/conventions… etc. Collecting vinyl becomes very addicting, but I've calmed down recently with my buying. I kind of lost focus with DJing for awhile, and was becoming more of a collector, which turned out to be bad $$$ wise.

To be a DJ you need to?: Have rhythm and be able to count. Really, if you have those abilities, you can take a shot at DJing. After that, be prepared to spend a lot of time studying and understanding music.

How many times do you practice a week?: About once a day during the week. Not much during the weekend.

Last time you spun?: Just practiced this afternoon.

What made you take up DJ'n?: When I was like 8 or 9 years old my neighbor's older brother used to sit us in front of his turntables and just let us do whatever we wanted. He didn't care how much we f'd up his needles/records and looking back on it, I realize what a special thing it was because I'll be damned if I ever let a 9 year old near my records, let alone spin with them. But, I really looked up to the guy and credit him with my interest in DJing and all things musical. (RIP JRR)

Any last words?: Thanks to EKS and Brian for helping me get my name out. Can't wait to actually do some events and share the music I've found over the years.

Shout Outs… EKS, Black Out, Danny, Dong, Tom, Trav, VC, WB, Babble-On, Pronoun, Rockwell, King Kev, Ritafine, Paradise Movement, i-Contact, anyone keeping the funk alive.

FROZ1 thanks for the interview. Looking forward to you DJ'n the next EKS event. I know you won't let down the BBOYS and BGIRLS since you were once a breaker yourself. Keep Kicking it bro...


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